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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

This easy to make DIY wine tote is the perfect addition to any wine lovers home. The simplicity of this project leaves room for the imagination and customization to fit your homes decor! I made the wine tote shown out of beautifully grained walnut but any wood source would work well! I have found that this is a great option for gift giving too!

Materials list

1- 1x9 @ 6ft walnut peice

Optional for cost effectiveness is pine

1- 1x10 @ 4 ft pine piece would work well in place of the walnut, typically around $13

Cut list

I cut the peices for the tray as shown below. Modification for wider, longer trays could be an easy adjustment as long as all four sides of the base of your tray is covered.

I measured out the pieces using my Crescent Tools Shockforce nite eye. This tape measure is by far the highest quality tape measure I have ever owned. With 14 ft stand out capabilities and double sided markings with high viability I highly recommend adding it to your shop! You can find it here.

Click to see the Crescent Tools Shock Force Nite Eye


The tray height on the sides was 3". If you decide to change this for own own project, I would not make it any shorter, you want to make sure that your wine bottle support is tall enough so it is secure.

- I used Titebond wood glue and a couple of fininshing nails and let the tray sit to let the glue dry.

Next, I added the wine and glass holder. To do this, I used a 3.5" hole saw in the middle of the 4.5"x 1'7" piece. I did this about 3 inches down. The hole saw looks like this.

Make sure you go slow and let the saw do the work to avoid any tear out.

Once completed, cut the piece in half long ways on your table saw.


When attaching the bottle and glass holder, I used wood glue and a couple of brad nails. Be sure to space accordingly for your intended wine glasses. My wine glasses have a thicker stem than normal, so I spaced out the pieces a little more.

Sand and finish as desired! I cut out handles into my tray sides, but adding some cute handles would only give it more character if you decided to go that route! A fancy quick touch is to route out the top and bottom edges for a beveled look.


Happy building, Friends!

Thank you to Crescent Tools for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

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