Spice Rack With storage

Anyone else have a messy, cluttered spice cabinet? Perfect solution! I Found myself in need of a solution for a simple spice rack to have a go-to place for my most used spices.


Materials List

1- 1/4 2x4 MDF

1- 1x2x12 ( I used scrap wood for such a small piece)

2- 6x8 wooden corbel

5- 2.5 x 2.5 square MDF Rosette block

5- Knobs of choice

Cut list

6- 2 5/8 x 5 MDF (box sides and dividers)

2- 14.25 x 5 MDF (box top and bottom)

10- 2.5 x4 MDF (drawer sides)

5- 2x4 MDF (drawer bottoms)

5 - 2.5x2.5 MDF (drawer backing)

1- 1x2x12.5 (spice rack shelf)


Smaller piece is place on the inside

I use Titebond Quick and thick for assembling this piece, it holds extremely well and I trust it with all of my projects. The side pieces are place on the inside. To make it easier for assembly, I attached the divider pieces prior to adding the top piece of the box.

I used the drawer fronts as spacers for the dividers. It is spaced out to leave a tiny bit of room between the drawer front and diving walls to allow for easy opening and closing of the drawers. See photo.

Next, I assembled the five tiny drawers. It was easiest to drill a hole for the knobs prior to assembling the drawers together.

When assembling the drawers, the side pieces sat flush to the drawer front with the bottom pieces between.


Last, the top shelf was added. I took my 1x2x12.5 cut and made pocket holes to attach to each corbel. This shelving piece was attached at 1 3/4" from the top of the korbel. The korbel attachments were placed with Titebond as well.

All done! Paint and stain as desired! I used Rustoleum Charcoal for my paint. I love the contrast with the brown shelf and gold knobs! I use the drawers for a variety of tea bags since we all drink different teas in my household. What would you use them for? Enjoy!

I used these spice jars from Amazon with chalk stickers. Some are also from Michaels craft store for variation.

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