Sliding door console

Hands down, my favorite thing about building custom furniture is the options to add customization and make a piece that fits a homes' decor to a T! Over the past couple of years, I have build this model

in various ways and used a variety of materials. Once I found that the following design was cost saving, and efficient, I stuck with it. The overall dimensions of the console are 6' x 16" x 31.5".


1- 3/4 x 4x8 Plywood

1 - 1/4 x 4 x 8 project panel

2 - 1x 2 x 8

5- 1 x 3 x 8

2 - 1x4 x8

1 - 1x5 x 8

4- 2x4x8

3- 2x6x8

Barn door hardware (check out my DIY hardware blog to save on cost!)

Step 1 - Base frame & side walls

To begin, I take the 3/4 plywood and cut it down as shown in the photo below. This one piece of plywood will be both the bottom and top shelf as well as the side walls. The 14.5" cut is additionally cut down to two 30" tall pieces for the side walls.

Next, assemble the 2x4 frame.

4 - 2x4 @ 63"

4 - 2x4 @ 14"

Once 2x4 cuts have been made, attach the 14" cuts to the outside of the rectangle. This will add to the length, making the top and bottom frames 66". Secure the 30" side walls leaving .5" overhang on the back.

Step 2 : Shelving & backing

This is where the 14" x 66" plywood pieces come into play. The bottom shelf is slid directly onto the lower 2x4 frame. The Middle shelf is added by using 1x2x14 supports which are secured to desired height along inside wall. The middle shelf slides into place on top of supports.

The backing is a 1/4 project panel. This 4x8 panel is cut horizontally at 30" to match console height. I then cut 5- 12" pieces to adhere to the backing. Since the frame is 66" there will be an additional 6" piece.

Step 3 - Front frame

The front frame is built in the shown dimensions. The two outside frame pieces are 3", a 1x4 cut down in width. This is optional. Shortening the horizontal pieces by 1/4" each can be done in place of this step. The lower face frame is larger in width to cover the exposed bottom shelf plywood.

When securing the face frame, I brad nail the middle shelf into place through the face frame for added security.

Step 4 -Optional look

I prefer the look of the rectangular boxes on the outside of each end of the console using the leftover 1x3 .This is optional. Lower 1x2 frame around the bottom gives this console finished look. If deciding to paint the base, I would recommend doing so prior to next step

Step 5 - The top

Attach the three 2x6 boards together using wood glue and /or pocket screws. I cut these down to 72" total. This leaves approx. 1" overhang on either side. I fins it easiest to attach the top using 2.5 pocket holes from the 2x4 frame.

Step 6 - hardware and doors

Once the hardware is hung, The doors are attached. See blog posts for DIY rollers to save on cost. There are also various Amazon options to purchase for hardware rails and rollers. The doors are 25" height and 17" long. Door design is a fun part of customization!

Whew, almost done! Sand, and finish as desired! The fun part is adding the color scheme and door design. Between endless hardware options, colors, stains and designs on the door fronts, you have the ability to finish this piece as a one-of-a-kind! Feel free to shoot me a message with any questions!

Happy building, friends!

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