Pool organization station

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Flex Seal®. All opinions are my own.

Pool toys, towels, floaties, pool noodles...the list goes on and on and they end up EVERYWHERE! I created this simple, beginner friendly pool organization station the perfect solution to DIY!

Materials list

9 - 2x4x8

1- 1x4x4

hooks for towels and accessories

Baskets (if desired)

1 yard outdoor fabric

The first step was to create two equal rectangles. These are the tall sides for the structure.

For the base of the frame, you need

4- 2x4 @ 60"

4- 2x4@19"

4-2x4 @27"

I started by taking the tallest pieces and attaching them to the 27" cuts with Flex Glue® and pocket hole screws. This was my first time working with Flex Glue and I was extremely impressed by it. It was a super thick consistency, so the glue didn't drip AT ALL while I applied it to the joints. It is also waterproof and UV resistant, perfect for this outdoor project that is sure to take on both of those elements.

You can find Flex Glue here.

The next step is adding the 19" 2x4 cuts. These were rotated to lie flat.

The seating was constructed as follows.

2- 2x4 @ 19"

6- 2x4 @ 31"

I evenly spaced out the seating and attached the inside pieces using pocket hole screws from underneath and Flex glue.

Once the seating is constructed, you can attach it to the base at 14" up from the ground. I did this with Flex glue and 2.5" lag bolts.

Now the fun part! adding the accessories to hold everything you need! I ended up using a hook system from Ikea for the towels.

Flex Seal® Color in Almond


The clip system for kids floaties are a garden tool organizing system.

Flex Seal® Color in Terra-Cotta


The pool noodle holder were Large hooks

Flex Seal® Color in Black


Lastly, I added $1 plastic baskets from my local Dollar Tree

Flex Seal® Color in White

These were attached to hang underneath the seating as shown below. Adjust the sizing and placement for your supports to guide the lip of your basket.


All of the accessory items were sprayed in Flex Spray® to enhance the durability, seal and protect against the outdoor elements.

Check out all of the fun color options here

Lastly, I added a canopy by wrapping outdoor fabric to the top and stapling it into place underneath so the staples were hidden.

Happy building ,Friends!

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