Package Drop Box

I couldn't tell you how much I needed this build in my life. I was tired of either rushing home to greet a delivered package or see that it was scooped up by a porch pirate. Trust me, if you have a secured box to protect your deliveries you'll wonder how you ever went without it!

Side note- I had questioned the large size of this build during the construction. However, I am thankful for the size in the long run because on the rare days I get more than one box or a larger shaped one, it'll still fit!

Materials list

16- 1 x 5.5 @ 6 ft cedar pickets

2 - 2 x 2 x 8 pine

16 ft corner molding ( optional )

1 - 1 x 6 x 12

Cut list for outer box

4 - 2 x 2 @ 38.5 (inside frame)

14 - 6" cedar pickets @ 24" (font and back)

13 - 6" cedar pickets @ 18" (sides and bottom)

2 - 2.75" @ 23" cedar pickets ( door framing )

Building the box

I built the box by using the 2x2s as a frame to attach the cedar cuts to by screwing them directly into the 2 x 2s.

The photo shows the front and back of the build. These are the 24" pieces, 7 to each side.

The right side of the box has 18" cedar pieces for the siding.

The 18" pieces are met on the remaining side of the 2 x 2s. One side will have 7 full planks, while the opposite will accommodate a side door.

The opposite side will have three 18" pieces as shown.

Next, I took a 23" piece of the cedar and cut it down the middle (2.75") to finish framing out where the door will be and cover the exposed 2 x 2s.

Lastly, I added the remaining three 18" pieces to the bottom with pocket holes evenly spaced.


Easy enough, right? The outer shell for the box is done (besides the side door, dont add that till last), next we will add the inside piece for the drop box.

The shelf is awesome. It allows your item to be placed in the box and slide down once the top door is closed. Not only that, but when the top door is open it deters thieves from having the ability to simply reach down and grab your items.

For this part, I used a small chain I picked up at my hardware store. They are typically sold by the foot. Be on the safe side and grab 4 feet of chain. 4 eye screws are also required. (you could also use a rope for this part as opposed to chain).

The Shelf will sit 3" down from the top between the 2 x 2 frame. The inside shelf is 20" x 15". I happened to have a scrap piece that worked well for this. Ply wood would also work for the shelf as well.

I added two large hinges underneath to attach this shelf in place to the front wall.


The top is 19" x 26". I assembled this by using 1x10 pieces and attaching them with pocket hole screws and scrap wood support pieces underneath as shown.

I used decorative tee hinges to attach the top.


Attaching the chain. This was definitely the trickiest part. You want to have the shelf at a 90 degree angle when the door is open. It helps to have an extra set of hands when doing this. I attached my eye screws on the top 3" down and 2" in.

Screw attachment for the top

Screw attachment for the shelf

Each side of the chain was 18". Attach the chain to the opposite sides while the shelf is at the 90 degrees AND the top is lifted open as if a package were to be placed. the chain should not have any slack.

Lastly, I added the side door. The door was attached with small hinges on the outside. It doesn't hurt to give yourself a little wiggle room with the door, you dont want it to be SO snug you cant get it open and closed. My photos have one solid piece but by using some cedar attached together in the same manner as the top, would work as well. The door size is 12.5" x 22".

I trimmed out my box with a contrasting color and scrap wood pieces to cover exposed ends. Dont forget to add a lock to the bottom door!

Customize and make your own!

As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Dont forget to tag me on your finished project, I LOVE to reshare them!


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