Music Amplifier

This handy wooden box is perfect for setting your phone into to amplify your sound. I have enjoyed having one of these in my home to simply set my iPhone into and walk away. Like anything handmade, I love that you can get creative with the overall look of your item to match your homes aesthetic.

Before we start- It is important to keep in mind that all phones/ cases are different. The sound from my Iphone 11 has a speaker on the right side that projects sound. You can see as we build, I intentionally cut out in this area to ensure the sound would travel through the pathway.


1 - 1x8 @ 6 ft pine

( this size will get you 2 amplifiers)

The photo above is walnut

I like the look of a "shorter" amplifier so I trimmed the width on my pieces to be 6.5" from the original 8". Not necessary, personal preference.

Each amplifier has three layers. The front layer will only have two circles cut out. The back will remain uncut and the middle layer is where the magic is.

Start by cutting your board into equal 12" parts.

We are going to start with the middle layer since it is the trickiest. My first amplifier was cut using a jig saw. Chart out as follows and take your time making your cuts.

Once the sound pathways are cut out of the middle layer, I found it easiest to glue the front and middle layer together in order to drill out the holes. These holes need to be lined up perfectly. Originally, I used a 2.5" hole but decided I like the look of 2" holes better. These can be cut out with a hole saw once the glue is dried. I added a couple brad nails for extra security too.

It is easiest to drill from the middle piece through to the front so you are ensuring you are connecting the sound pathway you cut with the jig saw. When drilling theses holes, make sure the center of your drill bit is level with the second hole to ensure your speaker holes are even.

Thats the hard part! I glued and brad nailed the backing onto the back and decided to do a small round over on the entire thing. I think doing the round over especially on the speaker area makes it look put together. Have fun and be creative!

As always, please tag me so I can share your creations!

Happy building,


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