Multi-functional outdoor sectional

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Hello, friends! If you are looking for a versatile and affordable way to furnish your outdoor seating area, this simple DIY project is the answer! The majority of this 3 piece sectional is made from 2x4s. The BEST part of this seating arrangement? It can be set up in many different ways! I wanted a variety of seating options so I would have the ability to rearrange the seating as needed so I constructed this beginner friendly DIY.

Materials List-

19 - 2x4x8

5- 2x6x8

6- 3x3x1.5 12 gauge angle


Cut list per love seat-

3- 2x4 @ 48"

2- 2x4 @ 41"

2- 2x4 @ 20"

2- 2x4 @ 16"

2- 2x4 @ 31"

6- 2x6 @ 20"


Cut list per removable side arm-

2- 2x4 @ 31"

2- 2x4 @ 19"

1- 2x4 @ 27"


Step 1

I started by cutting the framing for all three love seat pieces, as shown in the photo below. During my trials of building this design multiple times, I found that building the framing side by side at the same time made it easier to ensure each love seat was exactly level to one another.

By starting with the rectangular seating, attach the 48" pieces to the 20" cuts. The 48" pieces go on the outside and the 20" on the inside.

Step 2

Next, The legs will be attached to the now 48"x 23" rectangle. The 16" front legs will be flush with the top of the rectangle frame. This will leave 12.5 from the bottom of the framing to the floor. The 31" back leg will be attached 12.5 inches up as well (see photo).

Step 3

Using pocket screws, the 41" middle support in the backing was placed 7" up from the seat framing. The top backing sits flush to the back legs.

Step 4

The supports inside the seating we placed using pocket hole screws and 2x6x 20" supports. I made the seating inset to the framing because I did not want the added bulkiness of placing the supports on top of the frame. It is important that the supports are placed with at least 1" gap from the framing to allow for the side arm slide into place.

Optional- For added leg support, a 2x4 @22" can be placed at the bottom of the legs to connect the front and back and strengthen the support. This was helpful since I move my pieces around often.

Removable side arms

Step 5

With pocket hole screws, I attached the 2- 2x4 @31" to the 19" cuts. It is important to have the lower 2x4 @19" piece exactly level with the love seat frame so when it is attached it will sit level. The second 19" piece was 7" up from that piece as well. These pieces should be level to the larger love seat pieces. The 26" piece is attached to the top.

Once the side arm is built, clamp the legs together and attach the 3 angle pieces. Once the clamps are removed, the removable arms will have the ability to be lifted to be taken off or attach on any sides of the loves seats.

These are the cushions I used for the love seats. I sized each love seat to fit 2 cushions each. They come in three different colors. After searching, I found that these were the best quality (super thick too!) for the price.

I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did!

Happy building!

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