Kids bench with dog bed


Hey friends! It has been a while since I made a blog post and now that I am back into the groove, I thought that this DIY Small padded bench with optional dog bed was a perfect post to do! Its a great project for beginners and offers customization to fit your little ones' room. I made this bench for my boys while I was looking for solutions to their seating options to their playroom. Having it built the way it is shown in the above photo, I hadn't ever thought of setting cushions underneath until our little terrier starting laying there everyday. My boys and pup are attached at the hip, so it only made sense to put cushions for a bed there too.

Materials list

-3- 2x4x8

-1- 2x6x8

-1 1x10x4

-4- 15x17 cushions ( I used 2" thick from Joanns Fabric. They have sales on their foam selections pretty often too!)

Click here for link to cushion

-Fabric of your choice


Cut List

4- 2x4 @ 15"

2- 2x4 @ 31"

2-2x4 @ 18"

2-2x4 @ 25.5"

2- 2x4 @ 16.5"

2- 2x4 @ 27"

3- 2x6 @ 12"

1- 1x10 @ 27"


Step 1

Assemble the base as shown, starting with the rectangle using 2- 15" & 2- 31" cuts.

Next, the 2x6 @ 12" pieces were placed inset. I used pocket holes to do this and placed the holes on the underneath.


Step 2

Attach the legs. The front legs are 18", back legs are 25.5".

When attaching the legs, they should be placed 16" from the floor to the top of the rectangle frame. This will leave 2" over hang on the front legs. 2" are needed to allow the cushion to slide into place.


Step 3

The bottom supports for the dog bed was placed using pocket holes and 2 - 15" & 2- 27" cuts.


Step 4

Next, the 16.5" pieces are the arm rests. Lastly, the 1 x 10 @ 27" is for the back support. You could use a 2 x 10 for this if you prefer. I happened to have a 1 x 10 on hand and I like the sleek look with a thinner piece. The back piece was also placed with pocket holes.


Step 5

Using two cushions for the top, I wrapped the fabric around the cushions side by side and secured it using a staple gun with a scrap quarter inch backer. The bottom cushions needed a slight trim to fit snug for the dog bed.


You're done! My boys loved the Avengers fabric that matches their playroom, and that is what love about handmade D-I-Y projects..You can completely customize a project to your every preference. I'm excited to see other variations that you come up with! Please feel free to message me with any questions and please tag me in your finished projects so I can see!

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