Hand Tool Organization Station

Hi all! I'll make this one short and sweet. I NEEDED a place to put my hand tools. Without a designated area to put my most used power tools, they ended up scattered in various places. At least with this, I have hope that things will end up where they can be easily found again. Well, Ill try.

Materials list

1- 2'x4' 3/4" plywood

1.5" wood screws

wood glue

Cut list

1- 3/4" plywood @ 24 x 18" (backer)

2- 3/4" plywood @ 22.5" x 8.5" (middle shelves)

2- 3/4" plywood @ 8.5" x 18" (sides)

7 - 3/4" plywood or pine @ 3" x 5" ( drill holder T)

7 - - 3/4" plywood or pine @ 2" x 5" ( drill holder T)


Step 1-

Start by cutting appropriate cuts into the shelving for desired saw blades. I cut a 1"x 8" cut into the top shelf for my HART circular saw so the blade could slide into the space and allow the saw to sit perfectly on the shelf. You may need to adjust your cut here depending on your circular saw. The lower shelf had a small .5" x 3" cut for the jig saw blade. I'm going to add another slot for another jig saw, you can play with placement for this slot.

Step 2-

Make the T shape pieces with the 3" pieces as the long part of the T. I used wood glue and 1.5" brad nails for this. You could predrill and use screws if you dont have a brad nailer.

Step 3-

Next, I attached the T shapes to the intended lower shelf approximately 2.5" spaced apart at the base of the T shape.

Attach the two middle shelves to the 18" long side pieces. I predrilled and used 1.5" screws for this along with wood glue. You can also use pocket hole screws from underneath the shelves if you desire to hide the screws. One shelf @ 2" down from the top. The second piece @ 11" down from the top.

Step 4-

Lastly, I attached the backer. To hang the organizer I used a Hangman cleat. I use these often and really like them for hanging nearly everything. I'll link them here.

Ta-DA! Yay for tool organization!

As always, please shoot me a message if you have any questions. Happy building, friends!

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