Grill station

When my husband bought his favorite ceramic grill, he decided to try out the smaller version for a few years while we are moving home to home ( military ) and potentially purchase a grand large one once we were in our forever home. However, this left him to set up his "grilling station" on my saw horses each time. Therefore, I had to come up with a solution I knew he would love!


8 - 2 x 4 @ 8 ft pine

1 - 1 x 10 @ 4 ft

1- 1 x 8 @ 8 ft poplar

1- 1 x 24 x 48 project panel

1 - 1 x 3 x 8

Step 1-

Counter tops

I ended up using thick butcher block for my build but for an inexpensive ( and easily found alternative) poplar would work for the counter top area as well.

The prep counter top frame is constructed from 2x4s as shown.

2- 2 x 4 @ 48"

4- 2 x 4 @ 15"

The two middle support pieces are set down far enough to ensure that the top of your counter top poplar is flush to the frame. If you are using .75" poplar, set your support pieces .75" down from the top.

The grill counter top is the same method as shown in smaller dimensions.

Step 2


The prep counter top is taller to ensure that it is appropriate counter top height and to make it easy to go from grill to prep counter at the same level.

4 - 2 x 4 @ 33"

4- 2 x 4 @ 16"

8 - 2 x 4 @ 11"

2 - 2 x 4 @ 45"

I attached the legs together using 2.5" pocket hole screws.

Using 2.5" pocket screws, I attached each leg underneath the counter tops.

Once each counter was assembled, They were attached to each other using 2.5" wood screws to make the two units into one larger unit. As shown below

For stability, a front and back 2 x 4 @ 45" pieces were added to the prep counter top using 2.5" pocket screws.

Lastly for the base, I used the 1 x 10 @ 4ft and cut it into three equal pieces on my table saw. This was used as the bottom shelf. I attached these with my brad nailer. Traditional screws would work well too!

Final step

Prep table cover

This had to be my favorite part of the entire project! I think it would be awesome to see how others take this build and customize their grilling essentials under the cover.

For this, I used a 1 x 24 x 48 project panel and a 1 x 3 @ 8".

By trimming the panel down to 18", I used the 6" I cut off to make 2- 3" wide pieces. The 1 x 3 were used for the side pieces for the box. These can be attached with wood glue and brad nails or pocket screws.

To protect the cover and keep it completely waterproof, I applied a coat of black liquid Flex Seal with a foam brush and let it dry for 24 hours.

My customization were made from scrap wood blacks and aluminum bars to hold the grilling utensils in place.

The cover was attached to the prep counter with large hinges.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Happy building, Friends!

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