durable flexseal doormat

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Hello, friends! This was a fun and easy DIY door mat that was I have to say, I was completely flabbergasted by the phenomenal results during this project. Typically, DIY door mats are done using stencils and black paint but I grabbed a bottle of Flexseal and gave it a shot.

Step 1

I started by getting a plain kempf door mat from Amazon. I love this material for the mat because it holds up really well when we walked through the door and stop our feet to shake all the dirt out .


Click here for Amazon door mat link


Step 2

Next, I grabbed a stencil that I had admired from a local craft store as well as a bottle of spray adhesive. Once I had figured the center of the mat and how I wanted it placed, I sprayed my adhesive to the back side of the stencil (make sure you get all small areas so they stick correctly) and placed it firmly onto the center of the door mat. For extra security around the edges I placed tape around the stencil. I allowed the stencil to dry for 5 minutes before working with the spray Flexseal.


Step 3

I gave the Flexseal a couple of test sprays on old cardboard before spraying the mat. Quick, short sprays worked well when spraying the liquid rubber. I allowed the mat to dry for 1 hour before pulling the stencil up. The stencil lines came out clean and beautiful.

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