Barn door roller hardware

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

In a few simple steps you can create a barn door roller set that will give you a farmhouse feel at a fraction of the pre-made cost.

Over the past two years I have created my handmade barn door roller sets for my sliding door consoles in various ways. Through my trail and error I have found that the following construction and materials have optimal results for the projects I use them on. I love that there is the option for Customization in the colors, black is a classic look but silver and gold are eye catching variations as well!

Materials list per roller set (2) :

6 - 1/4 flat washers

2- 1/4 x 1 inch hex blot

2- 1/4 locking nut

2 -steel replacement screen door roller

2- 10' steel flat bar


Here is the set of wheels I use

I start by using a steel flat bar. Typically, I prefer to use the one inch wide bar because it is sleek and goes well with the size of the steel wheels. To start, I cut the steel flat bar into 10 inch long pieces using my jigsaw. Using a speed angle I mark the middle of the bar in width and 1 inch down. This will allow the steel wheel to sit hidden behind the bar. There are also holes in the center at 5 inches down and 8 inches down.

Using a 1/4 inch drill bit I placed a hole at each of the markings. Clamping the bar to your work are a to prevent the bar from movement is a good idea while doing so. Once the 3 holes are made I spray my bars in a Rustoleum flat black. I have found that it is not the ideal to spray the wheels themselves since they rub against the metal bar it slides on and chips the paint off them.


The assembly order is a hex nut, washer, steel flat bar, washer, wheel, washer and locking nut. Do not over tighten the locking nut or the wheel will have difficulty spinning. I hope you enjoy the ease of this project as much as I did.

Happy building, Friends!


Often times, a project calls for bigger, heavier duty rollers. This is the link to the ones I use and love. Its a steal at less than $25 for a pair!

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