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Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Hello, friends! Who could use a little more organization in their life? Especially for those items used daily that seem to get misplaced? When I made this D-I-Y friendly bedside organizer, Fathers day was a week away. So I made this for my husband and it turned out to be so helpful! If an item had a specific place, THAT is where it would be.

The materials for this project cost me around $30. I used a hardwood but a few dollars could be saved by using Poplar pine, it is an excellent wood for the price.


1 - 24" x 5.5" oak board ( I used 1" thick)

1 - .25"x .25" x 24" hobby board

2 - 1/2" GAL CAP

2 - 1/2" x 3 " NIPPLE

1 - 1/2" x 4 " NIPPLE

1 - 1/2" TEE


1 - dowel rod ( this is optional for the feet of the board, cut off pieces of the bigger board can be used in place)


Step 1

To start, cut 7" off total length of the oak board. From that 7" piece, cut an additional .5" piece. This will be used as your phone holder and the smaller piece will keep the charging cord and phone in place.

The 6.5" piece will need to be cut at BEVEL 22.5 degrees. This will allow for the phone to sit at an angle as opposed to straight. The smaller .5" piece requires a small hole to allow the cord to be fed through. I drilled a half circle shape towards the top using a 1/4" drill bit. I attached the phone holder and cord holder using Titebond Ultimate and let dry. A hole where the cord will be fed through will need to be made on the large board as well. See photo.

Step 2

The wallet holder was made using a thinner hobby board. The sides are 4" long and cut at 15 degrees to give it that slanted look (optional). The back of the wallet holder is 2". I attached the three pieces with Titebond wood glue and placed on the opposite side from the phone holder.

Step 3

The watch stand is placed in the middle to keep the valet/organizer balanced since it is the heaviest. This assembly is good ol' lefty-loosey righty-tighty and attached using 3/4" screws.


I used a dowel rod that was cut into 1/2' pieces for the feet. The dowel rods are optional, as long as there is a space underneath for the charging cord to be fed through.

Happy building, Friends!

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