Basics of grass growing with Green Thumb

Isnt it amazing how the smallest patch of grass adds a bright and welcoming pop of color? Prior to redoing this backyard, I had zero experience growing grass. Yet, It was easier than I had anticipated.

I currently live in military housing, and there was mulch covering the non concrete areas of the back yard. So the first step was to remove the mulch to allow for a clean slate to work with.

Step one- start with a clean slate. Whatever you currently have existing where you want your grass, remove it all until you are down to dirt level.

Mine was mulch, so it was a few rounds of raking, shoveling and filling the large trash can.


Step two- Break up the ground.

You want the area to be porous for seeding. I used a steel soil rake for this step.


Step three - lay down manure and top


Evenly distribute with a rake and cover all areas where grass is desired.


Step four- I spread Green Thumb Certain Seed combination fertilizer/ seed and mulch.

I didn't have a feeder for this step so I evenly distributed with my hands and made sure to cover all areas.


Step five- Once all areas were covered in the seed mix, i went back over the area lightly with a rake, to mix in the seed into the soil. Then we watered!! For the first couple of weeks we watered twice a day.

Within two weeks, the beautiful bright green grass started to come through really well! For one afternoon of work, I couldn't be happier with the pop of color that it adds to the backyard!

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