Chunky farmhouse bar stools and only $7 each?! Ill take two! All joking aside, I created these counter height bar stools with the intent to make them look sturdy and simple.


Materials list (per pair)


(thats all!)

Cut list

8- 2x4 @ 12.5"

8- 2x4 @ 9"

8- 2x4 @ 24"

8 - 2x4 @ 20"


Step 1

To begin, start by placing pocket holes in each of the 12.5" cuts and 9" cuts. four holes, two on each end. I find it easiest to place and start the screw into each pieces since they are smaller cuts and it can be difficult to fit a drill into small places.

I attached my 9" cuts to the 24" legs first. The top piece is flush to the top pf the leg and the lower support is 2" up from the bottom. Repeat this step three additional times with other legs.

Make sure your angles are perfectly square!

Step 2

Next, attach the 12.5" pieces as shown in photo below. One pocket hole screw will be driven into the leg, the other will be driven into the 9" piece. This will help create a sturdy, box look.

Once both legs are attached, you will have the entire bottom of the stool completed! It will look like this...

Step 3

I attached the 4- 2x4 @ 20" top boards together using pocket hole screws and Titebond III.

Simple as that! Happy building!

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